EBONY JACKSON- owner & head therapist of Carrara Massage Therapies.


She completed her Diploma in Remedial Massage way back in 2005 with honours at the Australian College of Massage and Natural Therapies. She has been practicing since then, starting in health food stores, gyms, and working with local fitness clubs and sporting teams. She focused further on the sports field and has now worked with nearly every discipline at the elite level, including Tennis, AFL, Rugby, Swimming, Triathlon, Running, Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Cycling, Athletics, and Horse Racing Jockeys to name a few! Every year in January she works with the worlds best female tennis players at the Brisbane International. 


Beginning her massage career on the Gold Coast, then embracing Australia's sporting capital in Melbourne, Ebony then relocated and worked in the 5 star spa on Hayman Island and 6 star spa at Qualia on Hamilton Island. There she looked after VIP clients of all backgrounds.


The Whitsundays is her favourite holiday destination and what better place to combine work with a healthy lifestyle for a while!  In late 2017, she relocated back to the Gold Coast with her young family, and that is when Carrara Massage Therapies was created!

She has always been passionate about doing things naturally, organically, and for the body's maximum benefit. A vegetarian with many vegan interests, any products used fall within these beliefs. There is a strong focus on eliminating the need for harsh and extensive medications and surgeries- instead, helping the body to heal itself as it was designed. 


There is no hard selling or quick appointments that make you feel like just another number. Her aim is to do everything she can to help you. All of the facts on your situation/circumstances and treatment will be presented to you, along with a suggested treatment plan. This way, you know upfront roughly what sort of work you'll be looking at to get back to optimal health. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, because she wants to help you understand how your body works and help you, to help yourself too. 

Diploma in Remedial Massage, Level 2 & Sports Scenar Therapist, Yoga Instructor, current financial member of ANTA 

YUMI ISODA- (picture coming soon!)

Yumi is originally from Japan but made the move to Australia 5 years ago to further her studies and become the best massage therapist she could be! She speaks and writes both English and Japanese fluently but also Italian.

After completing her diploma in Remedial Massage a couple of years ago, she is currently continuing her studies with a Diploma in Natural Therapies. Passionate about healing the body naturally, Yumi uses a very relaxing style to ensure her clients leave the treatment rejuvenated, de-stressed and relaxed. She can also offer Aromatherapy and Reflexology treatments.

Yumi worked at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018 providing massage to the competing athletes.

If your needs are more for relaxtion, a 'mental break', or you suffer from headaches, migraines, depression or anxiety, then Yumi should be your pick! Whilst muscles can be released you'll feel super at ease and relaxed after a session with her!


Diploma in Remedial Massage, certificate in shiatzu therapy, studying Diploma in Natural Therapies, current financial member of ANTA, listed on the Australian National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists. 



JAGDEEP KHAIRA- (picture coming soon!)

Jag is a mother of 3 and just loves helping people! Starting out in the nursing industry 30 years ago, she stopped working only to give birth to her children. Once her children were old enough, she decided on a career change where she could still help people but more 1 on 1 around family commitments. Completing her first massage course nearly 10 years ago, she furthered her studies to include Crystal Healing, Indian Head massage, lymph drainage and then her diploma in Remedial Massage 2 years ago. Her extensive time working with a variety of the population in a medical setting gives her vast knowledge of the body and how it all works together. Jag also has a great sense of touch and can find any problem areas straight away. So even though she hasn't been in the massage industry as long as the nursing industry, her skills have overlapped and only been enhanced from furthering her studies. 

Jag loves healing the body intuitively, holistically and naturally but also has a very strong, deep, sports style very effective in loosening those tight areas and balancing out the body. You will definitely know you've been worked on and had a thorough treatment if you book in with her!

Diploma in Remedial Massage, Certificate in Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Certificate in Indian Head Massage, Certificate as a Crystal Healing Practitioner, Bachelor of Nursing. 

So if you want to get the most out of your body the natural way, then don't delay! 

Book your appointment today!

Our promises to you- 

All products used and available during the treatments, are completely natural, vegan, cruelty free &/or organic. Therefore we're not only using the best quality products for your health, but also the best quality products for our environment. 

We guarantee you the time of treatment you pay for- if you pay for 60 minutes of massage, that's exactly what you'll get! Your time starts when we first apply our hands on your body, not when you walk in the door! (Please note, if client is late, treatment time may be reduced)


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