About Us

Ebony Jackson- Owner & Head Therapist

She completed her Diploma in Remedial Massage way back in 2005 with honours at the Australian College of Massage and Natural Therapies. She has been practicing since then, starting in health food stores, gyms, and working with local fitness clubs and sporting teams. She focused further on the sports field and has now worked with nearly every discipline at the elite level, including Tennis, AFL, Rugby, Swimming, Triathlon, Running, Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Cycling, Athletics, and Horse Racing Jockeys to name a few! She is still currently treating the NRL, Australian Netball Diamonds, and Brisbane International Tennis competitors.


Beginning her massage career on the Gold Coast, then embracing Australia's sporting capital in Melbourne, Ebony then relocated and worked in the 5 star spa on Hayman Island and 6 star spa at Qualia on Hamilton Island. There she looked after VIP clients of all backgrounds.


The Whitsundays is her favourite holiday destination and what better place to combine work with a healthy lifestyle for a while!  In late 2017, she relocated back to the Gold Coast with her young family, and that is when Carrara Massage Therapies was created!

She has always been passionate about doing things naturally, organically, and for the body's maximum benefit. A vegetarian with many vegan interests, any products used, falls within these beliefs. There is a strong focus on eliminating the need for harsh and extensive medications and surgeries- instead, helping the body to heal itself as it was designed. 


There is no hard selling or quick appointments that make you feel like just another number. Her aim is to do everything she can to help you. All of the facts on your situation/circumstances and treatment will be presented to you, along with a suggested treatment plan. This way, you know upfront roughly what sort of work you'll be looking at to get back to optimal health. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, because she wants to help you understand how your body works and help you, to help yourself too. 

Diploma in Remedial Massage, Level 2 & Sports Scenar Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, 

Level 2/Advanced Tennis Coach, Level 2 Gyrotonic Instructor, Cert III & IV in Fitness, ANTA member.

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Yumi Isoda- Remedial Massage Therapist

Yumi grew up in Nagoya Japan with her older sister. She finished school then worked as a nail technician for many years before deciding she wanted to travel. She first travelled to Italy and studied the Italian language. She immersed herself in the culture working in a local Italian restaurant becoming fluent in Italian, enjoying all of the authentic pizza and gelato she could in that time.


4 years later, she moved to Australia perfecting the English language and learning about better ways to look after the body. First completing her Remedial Massage Diploma with Massage Schools Queensland, then studying Clinical Aromatherapy, she absolutely loves the natural Australian products & essential oils we have here and how accessible they are. She has been in Australia for 4 years now and will stay as long as she can to continue her natural therapy interests.

Yumi worked at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018 providing massage to the competing athletes.


Here on the Gold Coast now, she enjoys visiting Cafes especially the organic varieties and loves reading Japanese Comics.


If you would like to learn more about aromatherapy, using essential oils to help heal the body, or if you're after a strong deep tissue massage with a relaxing feel to it, then make sure to book in wth Yumi! Her kind and caring nature will make you feel like a new person after your treatment

So if you want to get the most out of your body the natural way, then don't delay! 

Book your appointment today!

Our promises to you- 

All products used and available during the treatments, are completely natural, vegan, cruelty free &/or organic. Therefore we're not only using the best quality products for your health, but also the best quality products for our environment. 

We guarantee you the time of treatment you pay for- if you pay for 60 minutes of massage, that's exactly what you'll get! Your time starts when we first apply our hands on your body, not when you walk in the door! (Please note, if client is late, treatment time may be reduced)