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Scenar Services

All treatments are performed by Ebony herself who has over 19 years experience in the industry.

Please arrive 5 minutes early so we can personalise a treatment for you and start the treatment on time. 



Scenar Therapy is a form of revolutionary electrotherapy designed for the Russian Space Program.

Scenar involves a small hand held device working directly on the skin via a silver electrode. It communicates with the body via the nervous system to restore balance and reduce pain.

Scenar can be used over any area of the body to treat any symptom, problem, pain or injury. Great for sporting injuries, internal imbalances (organ or hormonal), chronic issues, or if something in your body is not quite right and you're struggling to find an answer.

As we are aiming to heal the cause and not just treat a symptom, Scenar usually requires a few regular sessions. The back is usually worked on to begin with then the problem area is focused on for the remainder of the treatment.

The great thing about scenar is that it's all natural, 100% drug and pain free, and non-invasive. If an injury is too severe, or it is impractical or too painful for direct contact, the reciprocal part of the body can be worked on, for the same result! This makes scenar very unique!

If you've tried everything under the sun without success, then maybe there's more going on inside your body which needs to be balanced first, before any other healing can take place. The human body is an incredible organism and has every tool it needs to heal itself and be the best it can be. However sometimes when imbalances occur, or muscles get tight, or restrictions are present, the body cannot heal. Scenar breaks through those barriers bringing the body back to a state where it can allow the healing to take place. Therefore, Scenar helps the body to heal itself, the natural way! So come and try it out today!

Have a look at Scenar as seen on A Current Affair
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