Remedial Massage is offered by all of our therapists but other services are individual. Please ensure to request the appropriate therapist depending on the style of treatment you're after or call us if you're unsure. 

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time so we can start your treatment on time.  

Shoulder Massage

Remedial massage is a form of deep tissue massage that aims to not only reduce muscle tension but also correct any imbalances in the body. When muscles are tight, they can pull on different areas and bones creating misalignment. Therefore when the muscles are loosened correctly, the body will go back to how it should be, releasing the pressure it was causing on other areas. Usually Remedial massage is focused on a couple of key problem areas as opposed to a whole body treatment. 

Therapists available- Ebony, Yumi


Deep Tissue massage is a massage with really firm pressure designed to primarily reduce muscle tension. Other benefits include increased blood & oxygen flow around the body. Mainly performed on larger muscle groups of the body (i.e. not on the face or stomach). Most Deep tissue massage treatments are focused on a specific area but the whole body can be worked on in one treatment if desired. 

Therapists available- Ebony, Yumi

Upper Back Massage


Trigger point massage aims to reduce muscle tension through the release of trigger points within the muscles. Each muscle usually has one or more trigger points, that when activated, act like a trigger to relax that muscle. Tension can be held on a trigger point for 1-4 minutes quite firmly therefore being another style of deep tissue. Usually each treatment would just focus on a certain problem area/s not the whole body as Trigger points take time to release. 

Therapists available- Ebony, Yumi



Reflexology is a treatment performed on either just the hands or feet to stimulate all of the different nerve endings in the body. This therefore becomes a whole body treatment balancing all the lines of communication throughout, by removing blockages and stimulating stuck areas. Usually done for 45 minutes and recommeded with quite a bit of pressure. Can be effective for internal issues in the body too. 

Therapists available- Yumi

Relaxing Massage


Sometimes all we need is some time out, or just a mental break, so if you are primarily after relaxation of the mind then this is the style for you! Long slow strokes, enhancing blood and oxygen flow is the goal, along with slowing down and relaxing the mind. A much gentler form of massage and the whole body can be worked over in an hour. The hands, feet and head are usually included as this is where most of the nerve receptors are found on the body; enhancing relaxation from the sense of touch. Great for anxiety, depression, de-stress and self love. 

Therapists available- Yumi, Ebony, 

Aromatherapy Oil


Aromatherapy can be a relaxation or remedial style massage with the added benefits of personalised essential oil blends to further enhance the massage effects on the body. You can choose your particular blend or you can let your experienced therapist choose the best one for you! Let your senses run wild with their amazing aromas, and feel the goodness absorbed immediately into your skin. Natural therapies at its best! The whole body can be worked over or you can just select certain areas. 

Therapists available- Yumi

Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone massage is very helpful to stimulate the circulation in the body through the heated basalt rocks. The Hot Stones can be placed on certain areas, or can be used to massage the body instead of the therapist's hands, or a combination of the two. A deeply relaxing treatment, perfect in winter but enjoyable year round, it can be very beneficial to get a deeper release out of knotted up areas. The treatment takes more time and is only available for 45, 60 or 90 minute timeslots. 

Therapists available- Yumi



Lymph drainage enhance the body's natural process of lymph circulation around the body. This is beneficial because the lymph helps circulate the waste products from the muscles and extremeties of the body back to the centre to be processed and disposed of naturally. If the lymph gets stuck, it can build up, contribute to swelling, odema, and other circulatory issues. Lymph drainage therefore assists recovery, circulation and healing in the body. Usually performed as a whole body treatment but especially on the arms and legs, using lighter pressure but also very relaxaing. 

Therapists available- Yumi, Ebony,


Are you pregnant & suffer from lower back pain, swollen legs/feet, neck and shoulder tension, or just in need of some 'me' time or time lying face down?! Then a pregnancy massage is for you! We have the use of a special super-comfy mat allowing a pregnant mummy to lay face down regardless of how far along you are or how big your belly/breasts are. Pregnancy massage can assist with a healthier body and therefore pregnancy, reducing neck, back, pelvic, sciatic and leg pain, reducing anxiety &/ depression, insomnia & fatigue by promoting relaxation, improving flexibility by releasing tight muscles, lowers the rate of premature labour, reduces labour and delivery times and assists with natural childbirth. Can be used as often as needed throughout ALL stages of pregnancy. All towels, oil, and products you may come into contact with are natural or organic and perfectly safe for you and your baby. 

Therapists available- Yumi, Ebony 

Competing in a carnival? Have a tournament over the whole weekend? Play a team sport where your whole team can benefit from treatment? Or maybe you feel more comfortable in your own home are just unable to visit us in our clinic. 
On site massage means we come to you! We bring and set up everything that's required- table, towels, oil and even music if you like! A more expensive treatment to cover travel time but very popular for couples, or parents who need to be at home with their kids, holiday makers in their hotel room and time pressured people- cutting out your travel time to an appointment. 
Therapists available- Ebony and Bailey